See below all the current (and past) members of our lab.

Cees Verdier

PhD student

Gabriel Gleizer

PhD student

Giannis Delimpaltadakis

PhD student

Daniel Jarne Ornia

PhD student

Khushraj Nanik Madnani


Open Position


Open Position


Ferdi de Graaff

MSc student

Jacob Lont

MSc student

Ward van der Velden

MSc student

Aniket Ashwin Samant

MSc student

Indeevar Lanka

MSc student


PhD Students:

  1. Fu Anqi                               Now Assistant Professor at Beijin University of Technology
  2. Vinicius Falchetto            (Visiting student from Unicamp, Brazil)    
  3. Eric Trottemant                (co-supervised with Carsten Scherer) – Now Senior R&D Engineer at Allseas
  4. Carlos Santos Perez         (Visiting student Universidad de Alcala) – Now Postdoctoral Researcher at U. Alcala


  1. Anton V. Proskurnikov    Now Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Torino
  2. Ivan Zapreev                      Now Product Owner at ASML
  3. Carlos Santos Perez         (visiting from U. Alcala, Spain)
  4. Dieky Adzkiya                   Now Assistant Professor at Mathematics Dept., Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (Indonesia)  

MSc students:

Click on the student names to see their MSc thesis on the TU Delft repository.


  1. Joost Zwart
  2. Aleksandra Szymanek             (co-supervised by Gabriel A. Gleizer)
  3. Antonio Rueda Arjona            (MSc Embedded Systems)
  4. Paul Schalkwijk
  5. Gijs van Lokeren Campagne (co-supervised by Derong Yang, VOLVO)
  6. Bram Durieux
  7. Rick Oskam                        (co-supervised by Cees Verdier)
  8. Stijn Bosma                        (co-supervised by Cees Verdier)
  9. Tom Aarnts                         (co-supervised by Anton Proskurnikov)
  10. Maarten de Vries               (co-supervised by John Seiffers from ACCENDA)


  1. Ahmed Hashish                  (co-supervised by Anton Proskurnikov)
  2. Angga Irawan                      (co-supervised by Ivan Zapreev)
  3. Dirk van den Biggelaar      (co-supervised by Zeki Erkin from EWI/TU Delft)
  4. Oane van der Heide            (co-supervised at SIEMENS)
  5. Lotte Capelle                        (co-supervised by Dr. Gabriel Lopes at RoboCare Systems)


  1. Stijn Weel                             (co-supervised by Hernando Sanchez-Faddiev from Owl-Tech)
  2. Pawel Krzesinski                 (co-supervised by Anton V. Proskurnikov)
  3. Christiaan Hop
  4. Marco van der Arend         (co-supervised by Nathan van de Wouw and Sjoerd Boersma from SeaState5)


  1. Filip Paszkiewicz                 Now PhD student at University College London
  2. Bastiaan Oosterhuis           (Embedded systems)
  3. Saurav Paul                          (Embedded systems)
  4. Pascal Zijlstra                      (co-supervised by Fu Anqi)


  1. Raziel I. Gonzalez-Ramirez
  2. Bouke Krom                          (co-supervised by Dr. R.J. Gorter and Dr. M. Streng at
  3. Bart-Jan van Roekel           
  4. Nikos Kekatos                      (co-supervised by Ubaldo Tiberi at VOLVO) Now PhD at VERIMAG/U. Grenoble


  1. Charlotte Le Coultre            (co-supervised by Gabriel Lopes)
  2. Arman Sharifi-Kolarijani    Now Post-Doctoral researcher at TU Delft
  3. Vignesh Radhakrishnan     (co-supervised by Stefan Bergquist at VOLVO)
  4. Kai Kuhlmann                      (Control Engineering)
  5. Yujie Zhang                           (co-supervised by Raymond Hoogendoorn)
  6. Zhengyu Li                            (co-supervised by Raymond Hoogendoorn)
  7. Qianying Li                           (co-supervised by Robert Babuska)
  8. Mani Kaustubh                    (co-supervised by Dehlia Willemsen at TNO)


  1. Athanasios Tasoglou          (Embedded systems)
  2. Bassilio Dahlan                   (Embedded systems, co-supervised by Dieky Adzkiya and Alessandro Abate)

2012 (and earlier)

  1. Froukje de Roo                   (U. Groningen, Applied Mathematics, co-supervised by Prof. H. Trentelman)
  2. Shaojie Zhuang                  (Wageningen University, Animal Sciences, co-supervised by Dr. K. Keesman.)
  3. Sebastian Trip                    (U.Groningen, Enviromental Sciences, co-supervised by Prof. C. de Persis.)  Now PhD student at U. Groningen